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Salt, Sun & Time and Night Vision were released in Japan with alternate covers. They are quite rare. Island Records released Circles In The Stream with an alternate cover. Spindrift Records of the U.K. released Stealing Fire with an alternate cover and Rounder Records released You've Never Seen Everything with an alternate cover. While the completion of the recording of Sunwheel Dance was in mid-December 1971, and the True North album jacket (WTNX 7) indicates the copyright as 1971, it was very likely not released until early 1972. Additionally, some other releases indicate the copyright as 1972.

japanese boxset

Japanese Boxset
Airmail Recordings
Tokyo, Japan
Released: October 24, 2007

Bruce Cockburn, High Winds White Sky, Sunwheel Dance, Night Vision, Salt, Sun & Time

This Japanese box set is beautifully put together as are all the Cockburn items from Japan that I have in my collection from years past. These are basically mini replicas of the original album releases down to the detail, including the original lyric booklet for High Winds White Sky and the lyric sheet insert for Night Vision. All five CDs are gatefold. They are packaged in a lovely, glossy, heavy cardboard box with the High Winds White Sky album cover on the front. The back of the box has the photo from the back side of the album. -Daniel

November 28, 2007, from Bernie Finkelstein: The Japanese projects are great and they did remaster, but from our CDs not from the analog tapes. However, with that being said they sound and look wonderful.

Things on the Edge


Résumé: Released in 1982 on the Millennium label in the U.S., this album is currenrly out of print.


1985: Rumours of Glory, released on Pläne Records in Germany. Not an official release.


1990: If A Tree Falls - A Collection of His Greatest Songs, released on Liberation Records in Australia.

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